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“Travel with Vietgo isn’t simply travel.

With our vision to not only create much better traveling experience for our guests, we also aim to help raising the awareness on travel with responsibility among tour operators and tourists”.

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What is Sen Foundation & What can it do?

As the very first step of our long-term effort in building an effective Responsible Travel program, Vietgo Travel’s very first foundation Sen Foundation is a joint force of Vietgo Travel and its guests. Put in simpler terms, by booking tour with us, each of our guests will save one dollar (1 US Dollar) to help fund our Responsible Travel projects participated or initiated by Vietgo Travel. 

How to be a part of Sen Foundation?

Vietgo Travel seeks the easiest way for our guests who are interested in supporting the environment and host communities to participate with us right from the beginning. As we’ve mentioned above, each tourist booking tour with us will automatically donate $1 of the tour price to our foundation. Until today, our charity foundation has increased to an amount of $20000 which is served to fund all of our Responsible Travel’s projects in the future, focusing on economy, environment, and society.

From Sen Foundation to Community Projects and beyond

A considerable number of destinations in Vietnam and Indochina are still in underdevelopment. With the fund from our foundation, first and foremost, Vietgo Travel wants to give back to host communities in these destinations to help the locals:
In the bigger picture, Vietgo Travel is committed to making tourism in Vietnam in particular and Indochina, in general, more sustainable which is defined by our specific visions and actions in three main categories – Economy, Environment, and Society:

Anticipate our future projects!

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