Best Place To Visit In Cambodia Based On Your Travel Style

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People often think Cambodia is a place for temples, pagodas, and traditional events. But this land brings more joy with full of activities and imagination for anyone who loves to visit Asia. So here are our suggestions about the best place to visit in Cambodia, according to your taste in travel.

Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For Beach Lover

Summer is no longer cruel when you’re immersed in a clear and cool beach. When visit Cambodia, you might be excited to know the island is far more beautiful and relaxing than many crowded and famous beaches in the world. In this blog, we will give you the pride of Cambodian – Koh Rong Island. You might love this island due to its pretty beaches, activities, and food.

Lonely Beach is the best place to visit while you’re on Koh Rong Island. It was chosen as the most beautiful beach in 2021, despite its unfavorable geographical position. This beach has modest cliffs, white sand, lush palm trees, and pure sea water that reflects the sky. Lonely Beach is a very easy trip plan for people who truly desire to disconnect from the outer world by immersing themselves in nature. To go from Koh Rong island to Loney Beach, you must hire a small boat from a local or travel from Sihanoukville, which can take 2 to 3 hours.

best place to visit in Cambodia

The other famous beach is Lazy Beach. This beach was chosen second among the “21 most beautiful beaches in the world” by National Geographic magazine. Lazy Beach located in the west of Koh Rong island, is one of the island’s shining jewels, luring tourists. Lazy Beach, like Lonely Beach, has only one resort, Lazy Beach Resort. The service here is also very simple, with no convenience stores, wifi, or Internet to provide the circumstances for tourists to experience a pure natural holiday.
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best place to visit in Cambodia

About things to play in Koh Rong, you might love kayaking time, riding a bicycle, or playing zipline in the jungle. After that, seafood is all you need to charge your energy. Don’t hesitate to try Khmer red curry, fried crabs (Kdam chaa), grilled squids, and beef stirred with ants.

Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For Mountain Explorer

Any mountain explorer will love to climb to the peak of the mountain. You might also want to learn more about the biodiversity of the wild. More than trekking and climbing, Phnom Aural Mount. gives you the best experience of jumping into the jungle!

Phnom Aural is the highest mountain in the “land of pagodas”. The peak reaches an altitude of 1.813m above sea level. The mountain is located in the eastern part of Phnom Kravanh in the Aoral district, Kampong Speu province. Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary changed into a setup to guard the biodiversity of the mountain range.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Because of its remoteness, the area near Phnom Aural is sparsely inhabited. Phnom Aural Animals Sanctuary was developed as a conservation measure and to safeguard the animals surrounding Phnom Aural Mountain. The reserve is home to more than ten species of big animals, including tigers, elephants, and leopards, as well as various bird species. The bamboo plants blanket the mountain. Wild boars prowl the highlands, particularly at night. At the peak of Phnom Aural mountain, there lies a Buddhist temple. Because Buddhism regards the mountain as a hallowed site of prayer, many people ascend to the summit to worship. Phnom Aural is undeniably the best place to visit in Cambodia for mountain enthusiasts!
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Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For Food Hunter

Mention Cambodian food, you cannot miss the roads of street food in Siem Reap. You will be craved all day with egg tarts, pork ribs, grilled frog meat, deep-fried insects, and Cambodian rice wine… Food tour is to learn how Cambodia’s rich history has shaped the local cuisine over time. The best place to visit in Cambodia for food are streets and sidewalk eateries! Just pull up a plastic chair at a favorite Khmer noodle shop and watch the city’s nightlife slowly unfold. Although there aren’t many official tours for only culture and food in Cambodia, you must add these essential foods to your bucket list!

Amok – Fish stew with coconut milk

Rice and fish are common dishes in the daily meal of Cambodians. On a food tour of Siem Reap, do not miss amok – a dish made from fish, coconut milk, and curry sauce. All the above ingredients are mixed and placed in bowls made of banana leaves, covered with a little coconut cream, and then steamed. This is one of the famous traditional dishes of Cambodia and is even more delicious when eaten with a bowl of hot rice.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Lok Lak

Another traditional Khmer dish in your Siem Reap food tour is Lok Lak! Sauteed pieces of beef drenched in a delicious brown sauce served with salad, rice, or pepper sauce for a rich flavor. This is also a very popular dish among Cambodians, widely sold throughout the country.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Khmer noodles (Num Ba Chok)

This is a favorite breakfast dish of many Cambodians. This is a noodle dish with a special Khmer broth, served with a lot of green vegetables such as cucumbers, beans, mint leaves, banana flowers, and bean sprouts.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For Culture Seekers

Almost everyone remembers the enigmatic temples of the Angkor architectural complex when they think about Cambodia. This complex is the pride of the Cambodian people, with over 1000 grand temples vividly and sophisticatedly sculpted with the mark of Khmer culture.

Despite many ups and downs throughout history, the Angkor complex retains the imprint of a magnificent accomplishment with distinctive architecture and sculptures. It is a pre-AD work that UNESCO has designated as a global cultural asset.

The giant Angkor Complex has 2 main parts, which are Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat named “The City of Temple”, is a collection of several temples and pagodas erected on a blue stone foundation in the 12th century. You will get to admire the elegance and one-of-a-kind designs inspired by India’s epic Ramayana.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Angkor Thom, “The City of Pagodas”, is a late-twelfth-century district comprised of temple towers and Buddha sculptures. Hundreds of brilliantly crafted Buddha sculptures exude mystery and sacredness.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For A Fan Of Entertainment

No trip to Cambodia is complete without catching a glimpse of ladies practicing the ancient art of Apsara dance, as represented on the temple walls of Angkor. So the best place to visit in Cambodia to entertain yourself might be a dancing show of Apsara. You will be in the night of music, dance, and light.

The way the dancers execute their movements is captivating. It shows great deftness and deliberation. Their knees bent in plié, heels touching the floor first at each step, wearing glittering silk tunics, and sequined tops. And the outfits are more appealing with golden headdresses. While watching the dance, you will learn that every posture has its meaning. For example, a finger pointing to the sky means “today,” while standing sideways to the audience with the sole looking upwards denotes flight.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Best Place To Visit In Cambodia For A Local-wanna-be

Many tourists believe that experiencing the local things is the best way to learn about the country. Besides that, the local experiences help you live fully along with the local people, and try the fun things. One of them is participating in a cooking class. Learning how to cook Cambodian food is far more exciting than just eating it, right?

Location: Local people’s houses depending on your booking. However, the class is usually organized in Siem Reap. So the best place to visit in Cambodia for a local experience is the cooking class in Siem Reap, let’s take note.

By attending the class, you will be guided to shop at the local market for fresh ingredients for Khmer cuisine. During the day, you will act like a chef and learn to cook four genuine Khmer delicacies such as Fish Amok and Tom Yum. Usually, the class has 4 common dishes for you to learn. Through a fun culinary experience, you can learn the secrets behind classic Cambodian recipes. When you come back to your homeland, you can cook for your family and friends this food.

best place to visit in Cambodia

Final Thoughts

As you can see, whatever your taste in travel is, you will easily find the best place to visit in Cambodia. Or if you have time and budget, don’t hesitate to try everything. Due to the variety of activities, Cambodia is always at the top of the list for anyone who wants to explore Asia. 

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