Information on Visa to Vietnam (Update 2020)

Vietnam visa is an important part of the required immigration process for all travelers to the country. This article will give you some useful information about visa to Vietnam that you should pay attention to.

Entry Requirements

Nationals of certain countries may visit Vietnam without a visa for a period of time, hereunder is the list of countries and regions that have Visa Waiver arrangements with Vietnam.


No Citizens of Days of Free Visa

 Expire date of exemption

1 Belarus 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
2 Japan 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
3 South Korea 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
4 Sweden 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
5 Norway 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
6 Denmark 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
7 Russia 15 days 31st Dec, 2022
8 Finland 30 days 31st Dec, 2022
9 Cambodia 30 days
10 Thailand 30 days
11 Malaysia 30 days
12 Singapore 30 days
13 Indonesia 30 days
14 Laos 30 days
15 Philippines 21 days
16 Brunei 14 days
17 Myanmar 14 days

If you arrive in Vietnam without an appropriate visa (which could be an e-visa) or pre-approval for a visa on arrival, you will be denied entry.

1. Upon arrival in Vietnam

To get the Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport, travelers will need to obtain a visa approval letter beforehand, then get on the flight to Vietnam and get visa stamped upon landing. It works at international airports of Vietnam, consisting of:

The whole process to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival has 04 simple steps:

Step 1: Send all necessary documents, namely passport scan and international flight to your tour consultant
Step 2: Get the approval letter via email within 2 working days (For urgent services, please contact for detail advices)
Step 3: Fill in the visa application form being provided by your tour consultant before landing and prepare at least two passport-sized photos (Must be recently taken with no glass-wear)
Step 4: Get visa stamped upon arrival at one of Vietnam international airports

2. Guidance for getting visa on arrival

After landing, enter the immigration hall where you can get the visa stamped at the “Landing Visa – Cấp thị thực tại chỗ” or other signal is “Nơi cấp thị thực – Visa upon arrival.

After submitting documents to the Immigration Officer, which includes your original passport, your approval letter, your completed visa application form with the photo attached), please take your attention when your name is being called out to come and pay for stamping fee (The remark for stamping fee is shown below). Please check all information in the receipt for a visa before you leave a working window.

After taking your passport back, the process to the Foreigners’ Passport Control Counter or Passport Control Counter to have a passport stamped.

3. Vietnam stamping visa fee

The applicants have to pay for the Government at the airport to enter Vietnam. The payment is cash and paid directly at the Immigration Counter in every international airport.

Therefore, please take your note to prepare money in cash, which is about:

– Single entry visa: 25 USD

– Multiple entries visa with the duration of:

4. Get visa to Vietnam from a Vietnamese embassy

Vietnam Immigration Department (VID) is the official organization granting your visa. All Embassies and Consulates abroad need checking with VID before approving or issuing any Vietnam visa or the other related documents.

It is necessary to check the list of Vietnamese Embassies overseas who you can contact to get a visa before your traveling.

5. Get an E-visa from the Vietnamese Immigration Department via an electronic system

An e-Visa is an official document granted by the Immigration of Vietnam which permits a traveler to enter into and travel within Vietnam. It is an alternative to the visa documentations issued at the embassies of Vietnam and visa on arrival.
E-visa holders in Vietnam may be considered to get a new visa if being invited/guaranteed by authority/ organization/ individual in Vietnam in accordance with Law on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through, residence in Vietnam and it’s launched for citizens from 80 countries to 33 ports of Vietnam.

An e-visa is processed within 03 working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and full e-Visa fee. In comparison with other immigration applications, an e-Visa is for single entry and valid for a maximum of 30 days.

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