Famous Traditional Handicraft Villages In Vietnam

Among the numerous reasons why Vietnam is one of the most-wanted destinations in Asia, having lots of traditional handicraft villages is the highlight! Across the country, you can find the signature traditional handicraft that can vividly show the cultural elements of its regions. Besides, the villages know how to conserve the handicraft for centuries through […]

Discover Vietnam Through Vietnamese Culture Show

Vietnam is a culturally diverse country with 54 ethnic groups with a history dating back 4000 years. Generations of Vietnamese people have produced a variety of traditional arts to represent their culture, especially the Vietnamese culture show. Nowadays, performance makers make changes to modernize art to be more creative and accessible. Theatres and live shows […]

12+ Incredible Things You Can Enjoy in your Trip to Luang Prabang

As one of the destination that Anthony Bourdain had traveled to, Luang Prabang is a kind of destination visitors should never skip in your trip to Laos. Yes, Luang Prabang is that destination – exotic, authentic and just simply inspiring. This town is a Buddhist paradise where Buddhism influenced so deeply in the life of […]